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Question. Atlanta, GA - We’ve got green and black mold patches of slimy gunk on our deck and our neighbor said it is either mold or mildew. What’s the difference between mold and mildew? Anyway the neighbor said we should use something called hydrogen peroxide to clean that mold off. Our son who is in school said that his teacher told him that hydrogen peroxide is rocket fuel and that we’re going to blow ourselves back to Indiana. It’s too cold in Indiana. What do the experts have to say Professor?

Answer. One expert suggest hydrogen peroxide as a way to clean mold off decks but he’s referring to a 20 percent solution that you can get from a medical supply center or beauty parlor, and then you mix it with water. I suspect the rocket fuel version of hydrogen peroxide is much more concentrated. Another expert recommends a cup of trisodium phosphate (available from janitorial supply centers) mixed with a gallon of bleach and a gallon of water. You wet the deck with water then apply the mixture and scrub the deck with a brush. Then rinse it off. Trisodium phosphate sounds like something you could make rocket fuel out of too, doesn’t it?

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