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Black Mold New York

Question. New York, NY - Professor, my wife is so paranoid I don’t know if I can stand anymore big threats keeping her (and me) awake at night. She was worried about some black spots on a window seal so I had them tested and found out it was black mold which I think is the toxic kind. She bugging me to find out what I found out and I need to know the fancy name for black mold so I can tell her the truth without getting her spooked.

Okay. I looked it up and “black mold” is known as Stachybotrys. As used in a sentence it might go like this, “Honey, nothing to worry about, I found out it is just a light case household Stachybotrys, the family friendly kind.” You need to get rid of it, of course. The experts says that the trick is to clean it up without disturbing the spores so that they go flying through your house only to catch hold elsewhere.

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